1. How do you handle allergies?  Please ask us about ingredients if your child has an allergy that we should know about.

2.  How do I receive my food each week?  We deliver your lunches to your door on Sunday evening.  We try our best to arrange for a time to deliver our food when you will be home so that you can put these lunches into your refrigerator as quickly as possible.  We do also offer delivery to select summer camps, daycares, and schools.  These deliveries are made to facilities daily.

3.  What kind of packaging do you use?  We use decomposable packaging  whenever possible to minimize waste. Lunches are given to you in packaging for each day which you can then pack into your child's lunch box along with a cooler pack or thermos if needed.

4.  What areas do you service?  At this time, we are servicing within Calgary city limits and Airdrie only. Let us know if you would like us to come to your city and we will add you to our mailing list to notify you of when we begin operating in your area.

5.  What do I need to do once you give me the lunch items?  You should transfer items that are meant to be hot to a thermos once you have warmed it up on the morning your child plans to eat the meal.  Cold items, like our salads, should be packed into a lunch bag with ice packs to keep it nice and fresh for your little one.

6. Can parents order this food for themselves?  YES!  This service is targeted to children but the food is absolutely delicious and fit for parents as well.  We also have numerous adult portion lunch options for you.  Go to Menu Items / Your Adult Menu Items.

7. Do you deliver to daycares, before and after school care, day homes, camps, and schools?  YES!  Contact us to discuss options and pricing.