How Does it Work?

For our daycare and and summer camp customers, your lunches are delivered prior to lunch time daily to your facility or as described in the product you purchased.


For our residential customers, there are 3 steps to free up time, give yourself a break from making lunches, and delight your children with our yummy food.

1. Choose menu items that you want for next week’s lunches. The deadline each week is Thursday at midnight for delivery on Sundays.  We prepare and package delicious items using fresh ingredients in our Alberta Health Services (AHS) certified commercial kitchen. 

2. We drop food off at your door on Sunday evening between 6-9pm.  

3. You pack lunch items into lunch bags and watch kids smile!

If this delivery day/time does not work for you, contact us at or text (587) 316-6178 to make alternative arrangements. Note: minimum order each week is $40.

A delicious view of some of our desserts and side items!