Why Use Kids Lunch Service?

We believe there are 5 compelling reasons to use our service.   

 1. Saves you time!  And for our business and education partnerships, this is a great 'bolt on' service that can generate extra income for your company or school.

2. Provides variety and a change for your kids' lunch routine.

3. It's fun!  We have been known from time to time to hide a "Golden Monkey" in a lunch for one lucky customer. Post a picture of your Golden Monkey on our Instagram or Facebook page to claim your prize. 

4.  Flexibility.  You have the ability to get a little help with lunches or completely outsource it based on your budget and child's taste.

5. It's actually not much more expensive than preparing your own lunches.

Compare the estimated cost for you to prepare lunches versus us for one child, assuming similar quantity and quality of lunches for 5 days.

You Prepare Lunches Kids Lunch Service
Ingredients $25 -
Packaging $5 -
Your Time ?? -
TOTAL PER WEEK $30 ~$40 


For an additional cost of ~ $10 per week you save time and add variety to your children's lunches.  Give yourself a break!


Enjoying a homemade peach pie oatmeal cookie!